Shooting Center Suhl-Friedberg

Sport Shooting

In addition to its function as a National and Regional center of Excellence for Shooting, the SSZ offers a sophistication that permits an ideal relationship between competitive, variety and recreational aspects of sport. All Olympic shooting disciplines whether with firearms or air rifles are conducted here on the highest competitive level.

It is therefore not surprising to find many Olympic, World and European champions among Suhl's shooters.

As an Olympic training camp the SSZ hosts competitive athletes from all over Germany. A growing field is training instruction for national teams, international and national athletic associations. The modern competitive and practice targetshooting ranges utilise the latest measuring and computing technology.

Their implementation, along with expert coaching from internationally experienced and successful coaches, allows the analysis and optimisation of the shooters' performance.

The ongoing training of young athletes is a further guarantee for the continuation of Suhl's unique series of sport shooting successes.